Geared to your biggest challenges
Hyper-customised software defined by you, delivered by AI.
1/10th the cost of
software consultancy
Cogna is the AI-powered factory that creates custom software for industry.
Bespoke solutions, defined by you.
Designed and built for you in days.
Continually improved at no additional cost.
Let’s do this!
We’re not just building software — we’re building the platform that redefines software.
Software has reinvented how we work. It’s also slowing us down.

We create custom software-as-a-service for people and problems in the world’s most ambitious companies. Power is now in the hands of individuals: Cogna means they can deliver on their decision-making at a fraction of the time and cost.

Unleashing this productivity – properly, for the 21st century – could add 10 trillion to US GDP alone.
How we can help
There are three key areas we’re tackling first — procurement, planning and physical asset management.

Each of these is a vital element of the value chain for the businesses we depend on in our daily lives.

Our generative AI platform lowers the cost barrier for custom software. Tackle the broadest range of problems in a cost-effective way, faster than ever before – and create custom software that’s enduringly useful, with continuous delivery of features and improvements.
The Cogna method
We deliver custom software development as a product. Here’s how we work with our customers.
Describe the challenges your business or team is facing and identify opportunities for improvement.
Describe goals, tasks and pain points as you experience them.
No knowledge of software is necessary.
Cogna suggests custom solutions tailored to your needs.
Collaborate within our platform to create the ideal tools to deliver on opportunities.
Upload existing process artefacts, e.g. pdf's, xls, pptx documents.
Cogna helps you understand your existing data.
Cogna presents you with straw-man solution requirements to accept, modify or reject.
Our AI robots will build and deploy a solution in days, with 24/7 support from real people whenever you need it.
Continually add to and improve your application at no additional cost.
Integrates with your existing SAP, Oracle, Databricks or Snowflake systems.
Deployed to your existing infrastructure if required.
Join us
We’re a team of seasoned operators and AI experts on a mission to make the world more productive.
Natural language is the new programming language
We’re redefining how software requirements are understood and elicited from users. Using state-of-the-art LLM techniques, we empower everyone to define the software they need in an accurate, comprehensive, and data-first way.
A platform that understands data
Whether it’s spreadsheets, PDFs, APIs… we’re building the platform that doesn’t just read the data, but understands it – automatically transforming it into a unified domain model that both humans and machines can understand and use.
The automated software factory
We’re building the software that builds reliable end-to-end enterprise-grade software and can maintain it, using LLM-based and programming language analysis techniques.
Our values
Move fast and build for the future.
High bar, high trust.
Direct communication with respect and integrity.
Customer first.
We're looking for the brightest minds in user experience, computer science, mathematics and software development.

Join us to work on the things that matter.
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